Saatchi Gallery ‘Selfie’ Exhibition

Another Sunday afternoon spent in Chelsea, London, visiting the Saatchi gallery with friends. There was a selfie exhibition so of course I couldn’t miss it, especially when its my favourite gallery yet. All the art was completely fasciniating and just fantastic to see! In one room, you walked in and it was like CCTV in black and white, zooming in on you and focusing/blurring your face from different angles in the room. I can’t pretend that i didnt start walking around the room like a headless chicken, bouncing up and down and smiling with all my teeth because I really did! I expected portraits, all the usual selfie stuff, a few camera equipments on the wall or a photo booth maybe. There was way more fantastic, inspiring, eye grabbing, cool art to see and the most amazing art ideas. Everything really is art and the descriptions of each piece, was just wow. You never really think how great technology is. All we really see is the quality of the picture and not always the message, what makes the picture work etc. Honestly some of the work was breath taking and most of it was art created by young people. I could visit the gallery every weekend. I could have taken a better feautured photo for this blog but my eyes were gazing around and too much concentration was put in to pieces I wanted to understand. Some of the coolest pieces like the silhouette art, where it created a silhouette of the person standing infront, it followed your movement and I was just like how?! It made me want to scream. Another was this massive mirror that blurred you and smudged the colours together that it grabbed off the hidden camera. It took me a while to move away from these whilst my mouth was wide open, trying to catch eyes with people walking around, a bit like trying to tell them, hellooo? Can you see this?! We all know I am going to visit again, so i’ll keep you guys updated on my very next visit. Ciao for now, time to enjoy some good food & talk rubbish.



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