Coffee Break

Today one of my close friends Tamara, had an interview at Benefit, in my home town St Albans. I tagged along since she needed my support and had to bring someone to use as a model. After all, it is all to do with beauty so i got the pleasure of getting my eyebrows waxed. Probably the most intense thing i have ever faced i can’t lie. I mean it was just such a surprise, as i was actually expecting something so basic like her talking me through the products and maybe testing one of the creams on my face, trying to ‘sell’ it to me. When i heard “wax” followed by “eyebrows” all i could do was nervously laugh. I had no choice and couldn’t walk away since i did offer to help and be there. There was no taking it back or running away. After calming myself down from the laughter and Tamara trying to relax from the pressure i’m more than sure she was facing from her interviewer, she did a great job and i am a proud friend! Quick warning to all you “yes!” friends out there… when it comes to beauty interviews and you are asked if you are willing to help (and you aren’t actually that comfortable with people touching your face), that is not the answer! RUN

Before all this waxing off my trying-to-grow-out eyebrows, Tamara had to actually begin her interview alone for about 20 minutes. So then Tamara’s mum and i decided to have a stroll around ‘The Maltings’. The plan was just to have a mooch and then the next thing you know, we are in Kurt Geiger taking in the beauty of every shoe! oh how i LOVE shoe shopping. Walked in there feeling very certain that we were in there just for a quick glance, but no, my friends mum who goes by the name Claire, was easily influenced in to trying on a few pairs of heels and boots and we left the shop with bags. I did play a part in convincing her in spending a bit of well earned money, but its not my fault they had Beyonce playing in the background and the staff were so lovely. Both of the people working in there this afternoon were just throwing Claire compliment after compliment. There was “young”, “you must still get ID’d”, “They look fantastic on you”, “even goes with your outfit you are wearing now”. Who can blame either of us! They went from £160 to £39, who wouldn’t pay that price even if they are a whole shoe size smaller?! Pain is beauty girlies!

Then once the whole interview was completely over and taking our words back of not spending a penny, all three of us went in to Costa to finish the rainy afternoon with a lovely warm hot drink and a nibble. I enjoy going coffee shops, just so cosy and at this Costa, you can people watch. People watching is actually enjoyable, i even get outfit ideas sometimes, not even lying. Well i really took in every slurp of my hot chocolate since i have decided to go on a no wheat/no diary diet. First day and i already failed, as the lemon drizzle cake looked way too good to resist. I would be absolutely insane to say no. Safe to say that Costa is to blame for ending my diet within only 4 hours of it starting. Temptation at its best.

The afternoon really came and went too quick for my liking but a few hours outdoors is always good and refreshing. I would like to try something new other than coffee shops on a gloomy day, so feel free to leave a comment of other great ways to spend the afternoon outdoors even if the weather isn’t all that pleasant! Just before i go, if there is anything i have also learnt today… who cares about diets? Ew!









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