Saatchi Gallery

I wish, wish, wish that I had friends who enjoyed and appreciated art and all the creative aspects that come with it. I am so sure that some people don’t have that much interest in art work, because they think its just paintings, but there is so much more to it. I never studied art myself, only the basic lessons at school, but I have grown to love other artists passions for what they do and I am always amazed. I walk through galleries and just think “WOW! How did they think of that?”, “No way, that is so clever” and it just goes on and on.

Firstly its the messages that come across with the artwork and how they are expressed. Whenever my attention is drawn to a certain piece of artwork and the use of material, I just die to meet the artist who created the fantastic piece.

The gallery is probably the only place i am truly focused and have pure interest to be around. Okay, food as well (but I can’t compare the two as they both meet the heart’s desire). I really get attached to whatever catches my eye and stands out drastically. I could stare for ages sometimes, really take it in, sense the passion and the time that has been put in to what has been beautifully decorated.

I absolutely adore visiting the Saatchi Gallery as it has a lot going on monthly with exhibitions, workshops, talks and a great store to buy some of the artwork seen on the walls throughout the gallery. There is also such fascinating books to buy and lovely accessories. If you love art as much as myself then honestly, take some time out of your day and stop buy for a look even if its just quick.

Free admission 

Chelsea, London.


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