Ma Petite Jamaica

Best Jamaican restaurant ever! The food was an absolute delight and such a joy to have. The Lunch menu was outstanding… £ 7.50 and the portions were amazing and all came with side dishes to accompany the dish such as coleslaw and salad. Lunch is served between 12 and 4pm so my family and I made it just in time. It’s a short set menu, but the choices were good enough with selections of curry goat, there were a few different chicken dishes, ribs and so on. I of course, already knew what i was having. After craving Caribbean food all day, my mouth was already watering as I was walking in. Nothing to do with the food or service failed me and just when you think it ends there, they do an a la carte menu in the evening with even more variety, like heaven is so real.

The atmosphere was lovely, the music also created a good vibe and the waitress was great. It’s quite a small restaurant so thank goodness it wasn’t jam packed. I have every highest intention of visiting again and i know exactly which friends of mine I would love to take along with me. I was swaying to the music whilst eating, watching friendly customers walk in and stopping by even just for coffees. I felt so relaxed there like I wasn’t even in a restaurant being rushed at all or anything. The drinks menu was also fabulous, which means I am still upset that I didn’t get any of the cocktails/mocktails in the end but they all sounded amazing, with all the different flavours of tropical fruits. Oh well, its for sure not my last visit and I know that next time I go, i will be arriving during happy hour which is at both 5-7pm and 10-11pm.

I eat Caribbean food most places I am out and about, for example Notting Hill Carnival, festivals or really, just most times i visit London. I have a big amount of love for food and jerk chicken just always somehow, manages to hit my taste buds. But this restaurant by far wins and is now in first place! If i have managed to convince you to have a try and you are also feeling the excitement, then its based on Inverness St, Camden town and ever so close to the train station. I suggest you go because I know I shall be returning!


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