Sweet Tooth

When it comes to food, that is when i really run out of words to say. I created this collage after i had once completed baking the cake. This chocolate fudge cake was splendid! With the sweet tooth i have, i couldn’t let it end there. I had to slice it in to several triangles & top each chunky slice with different chocolate toppings; mini eggs, flake, maltesers, m&ms, absolutely everything. My oh my was it sickly but the ending looked amazing. My mouth was watering and by the time the cake had cooled down on and the drooling had continued, my friend and I were arguing over who was going to have which slice. I’ll tell you now that coming to an agreement was not easy. I mean how would it be when you are looking at something so delicious?! We got the recipe from Mary Berry’s Baking Bible book. Mary’s book is filled with 250 recipes and i shall be using it again and again. My love for baking is growing and i can totally admit nothing beats homemade cake. Well now i have completed this post, i am craving big time! Reminds me, Mum hasn’t baked her warm chocolate chip sponge in a while…


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