Don’t know about you, but i love reading. I used to read like it was running out of fashion, but that changed for a few years. Now i make time for it. It could be early hours of the morning, some time during the afternoon on a day off, or even before bed, which may i suggest is the best time. You are completely relaxed and settled. I am really enjoying reading my current book ‘Happy’ by Derren Brown. I have never wrote a book review so i have no clue on how to  lay this out. But let me tell you, it is blowing my mind! Every chapter is filled with a story  that helps you make sense of what is being said. A lot of it is things you may have thought about to yourself before, but just never acted upon. Can i also add to this once again,  that Derren Brown  is the author. The author! That’s what originally made me grab the book instantly whilst i was on one of my many strolls through Costco. The colour stood out, the title, everything. The cover is vibrant & capturing. The best thing is that its based on so many true stories, experience, opinions and personal view. Very  relevant, informative, clever, interesting, mind-blowing and will fill your mind up with so much new knowledge. Have a read.


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