My Journey In Prague

Still now I miss everything about Prague and I HAVE to fly out there again. The flight & accommodation was cheap as ever and we actually booked it quite last minute. The journey went so quick and for me, theres nothing better since I am so fidgety. As much as I love some journeys, I would sometimes rather it go as quick as possible because I end up missing my home comforts and my beautiful mummy. Me and my friend flew from Heathrow Airport with British Airways. I feel like I can still smell the cold air and still visualise the scenery like I am actually still standing there. Here I am, to tell you about my great Prague experience, yet I don’t know where to start! I guess to begin with, it was rather spontaneous when booking so already the thrill was just overwhelming and I was blessed with amazing company. I went on holiday with someone who loved getting up early on getaways, could take pictures all day, loved views, could walk forever and loved food just as much as me. All I wanted was a great city break and I got exactly just that. Romance was everywhere, the views were some what breath taking, the walks were tiring but worth it and I got everything I could ask for. Saw majority of things we said we would make time for in the few days we were there and made every second count. I would truly recommend Prague to anyone and everyone. Don’t know if there is much more I can add to explain why its so great! I did a lot of sightseeing also so if there are any questions, please feel free to comment or email me.


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