My Best Friend

My best friend deserves a whole page really. My Grandad is definitely a strong character, very much like myself. We are both the same star sign and exactly 70 years apart. I am currently 21 and Grandad is 91. Both turned these beautiful, may i also add young, ages in December 2016. I have to be honest and mention how i never understood sarcasm when i was younger, then with Grandad’s great sense of dry humour, i got it almost instantly. Age 14-15 the tables turned. My sense of humour now i would say, is about 60% sarcasm? those who know me, would most definitely agree. Nothing more i love than spending time with Grandad! When we are together we are so silly and really know how to encourage each other haha. Whether its a car journey, eating out in a restaurant, a walk, collecting him from his home, being at home watching a film and whatever else that i can’t think of right now, i always wish to be right next to him, cuddling and laughing. One thing Grandad cant stand right now is phones and social media and that may just be because i am a big fan of snapchat and unfortunately he is a victim of being on my story. I love to show Grandad off because he brightens up my day, makes life feel worth living and i promise i mean every word. Haven’t figured out what word best describes our bond best,  but he is literally my world. I love you Grandad and i will now have to read this blog of mine out to him. Probably just going to get a nod and a little giggle but that’s already enough to make me happy.


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