Well, this is quite interesting really. Its currently 01:15am and here I am literally just creating myself a blog. For the majority of today I have been eating, watching hours of Netflix, hours of youtube vlogs and taking in every moment of being lazy. The day goes past and all of a sudden I decide to actually change body position and chose to sit up straight and do this… feeling ever so spontaneous. So before I go any further off the subject of introducing myself, my names Paula, Princess Paula (my grandmother is to blame for the nickname as I have continued o call myself that till this day) and I am finally doing this blog thing after however long. Might have procrastinated doing this for quite some time but I wasn’t sure where to start, what my real reason for doing this was, what on earth I would write about, would people even be interested in reading anything there was for me to say, what about the type of photos I would upload etc but here I am. Hopefully I will get used to this and start enjoying it. Feedback would always be great as there is always space for improvement and opinions matter. 

I have never felt that people really ever know me or me or understand me. I can come across weird purely because I behave awkward in certain situations lik if I was to feel uncomfortable or find a specific person overwhelming. I will continue to carry myself like that as I feel like once someone has a certain image of you, you are that person to them.

Well anyway I cant’t wait to show you guys more and I hope you have fun on my page, enjoy!


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