Chapter 21

21, makes me feel so old. I shouldn’t even be complaining, i know but i think its just because i have hit realisation… i am now an official adult. I never counted 20 as an adult as it just felt like an awkward age. Am i the only one who thinks that? its just like when you turn 17, now what sort of thing. I have grown up so much in so many different ways. A lot has happened in the past few years, that i think is the reason why maybe i feel so grown up. Moving out at 19 was a really big step for me. I have always been independent but that felt like such a jump in to the real word! Scary at first but now i just love it. My 21st birthday wasn’t the typical clubbing like the rest of my recent birthday celebrations. Instead, my family threw me a small surprise party, where i just had a few close friends and neighbours round and so i stayed at home. It was so unexpected and fab. Just when i thought that was the end (even though this was two days before my actual birthday) i had work the next day but at midnight that Saturday evening at work, it was officially my birthday and i drank and laughed away with my work colleagues. It was such a joy! I finished work around 3am to then come back to my place and find one of my many close friends and her friend who i was yet to get to know, sitting in my flat with balloons, confetti and cake waiting for me! Like the whole weekend had just blew me away and the surprises just kept on coming. I love all my friends and family! Couldn’t have asked for much more. So on my birthday, December 18th, that very evening i went for dinner with my work colleagues, as it was a pre-christmas celebration dinner and it was wonderful. Great food, great company. I didn’t even want to celebrate my birthday at all and with no plans made whatsoever i had all the best surprises and felt ever so loved. My picture you see, shows the bracelet i received for my 21st. Its a moonstone bracelet and the meaning behind it is for woman nature, growth and protection. You can look further in to it by just simply searching it in to Google. A great present with a very touching and beautiful meaning. Everyone in my life is a blessing.


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