5 Year Vision Board

Planning for the future is a must in my eyes. I am one of those people that just have to know where i stand with myself and really think stability is key in the process. Honestly enjoying making this and its still requiring some final touches. I got the idea from a youtube couple who did a video about thoughts becoming things. Felt ever so inspired and decided it was the right time in my life to actually make one. With orange being my favourite colour, thats what i chose and i got the card rom Staples for £2.49. Me and my good friend then continued to visit a few supermarkets and stores to collect any random magazine or newspaper. We didn’t have much luck since it was quite late in the day but we got glue, which is still useful since we had nothing to actually stick all our cut outs with haha. Will never be able to understand why i am so last minute but there you go. So we had our own little collections of dated magazines from our homes and just gathered whatever we had and took our time browsing. Since we started this and kept adding for about three days in a row, we just got more and more in to it! I even started printing images off, certain images we wanted of course such as car brands, the cover of my book i am currently reading and so on. Tried making my board as quirky as possible but still keeping it relevant. So that arty stuff is for paintings i wish to have in my future home, the word search cut out is what i will be filling in my self and i promise you, it has been rather challenging. You can’t see because of the quality of the picture but i also did some writing on my board, to explain my reasons for picking these pictures and also did writing on different coloured sticky notes, as i was running out of space and i ended up liking it. Once i have completed my board, i shall then frame it and then by the year 2022, i hope to have achieved everything on there. I am a practical person and this has kept me very well entertained. So fun doing it with a friend too. Try it!


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